There are certain basics one needs to best enjoy the Summer…here’s my list…
Beach Blanket – You’re laying out with your girl, boy, special friend, men’s best friend, etc  throw down a beach blanket as a layer to protect from sand getting in every where. I got an awesome one from Steven Alan that’s big enough for two with room and extremely light. Do not bring your ratty old comforter that’s long past it’s prime…

Beach Chair – I like lying on the beach, but reading, drawing and ogling is ease and more comfy in a chair. I like the Rio brand they carry in Long Beach Craft and Variety. Huge Selection.

Beach Towel – A beach towel is a big body sized towel to lay out on. Not your towel that’s too skunky to shower with anymore so you figure…wrong. Ideally bright and/or with a big print on it so you can see it from the distance after you played too long in the waves. My favorites are from Pull-In and Long Beach Surf

Blender – It’s Summer, you are going to blend frozen tasty fruity drinks. Some with lots of fruit and ice to be healthy. Some with raw veggies to be ultra healthy. Maybe a protein shake…OK he’s kidding who…You and I are going to be blending Frozen Margarita’s. Mojito’s, Daiquiri’s, etc. Get a good Blender.

Cocktail Ingredients – For Summer I prefer Gin, Rum and Tequila for my mixed drinks. Use a good quality but nothing too high end for mixed and blended drinks. Use lots of healthy fruits. Good quality Tonic water like Fever Tree and Q Tonic. Bitters make a use difference. Splash some bitters in a G&T and it will change you. Bitterman’s, Hell a Bitters, and Bar Keep make some great ones.

Books/Magazines – Exercise your brain. So no, Peeps, We, or any other mag carrying the marriage, affair, divorce, elevator beat down of whichever celebutards down do not count. Mags to learn at least diet or fashion tips or Better yet something to really stimulate your brain.

Footwear – Flip-flops(I like Havianas) are perfect for elevator/deck/street/parking lot to the pool or beach. Boat-shoes , Espadrilles or hybrids like Riveras if you’re going to hit the Bar/BBQ afterwards

Goggles– if you swim laps you need a pair and you should swim. Best exercise(you can do in public…w/o getting arrested) there is. Paragon in NYC has a great selection. I’ve had a pair of Aqua-sphere for years and just picked up a new sweet pair by Speedo that are all black pair with smoked lens…like Archer would rock on a secret aquatic mission to rescue Lana from some evil villains…LANA!!!

Headphones – I just use my Apple ones…you might like the Retro ones from B’s. These have literally saved lives at the beach and on the train when idiots blast their music and my headphones knocked their noise out before I went into rampage mode:)

Sunglasses – Cheap Sunglasses is a good song, otherwise they are useless. Buy at least a decent pair…Wayfarers, Aviators, etc are always in, Warby Parker makes great ones that won’t break your wallet and are available with prescription lens.

Sun Screen /Aloe Vera – To protect your skin not fry it. Throw our the 2 “gonna burn you” and get some 30 or better that is water-resistant and has moisturizer in it. I’m partial to Khiels, Head hunter available at surf ships makes good stuff and Hawaiian Tropic even has a good one. Aloe for after. My favorite The Green Panama Jacks. Ricky’s carries it. Also, I like some Zinka for hardcore protection for my nose. My niece and nephew are big fans as well. I like the Green.

Sweatshirt – If you go early or stay late a must have for the beach. I like a zippered hoodie. American Apparel, Faherty Brand, Patagonia, Polo, and Vince all make great ones.

Swimwear Ladies please go to Cosmo, Vogue, Beach Bunny, Sports ill Swimsuit etc. Gents unless you’re riding a board…or are in less then good shape, you want something trim vs fitted and about a 7′ inseam. You work hard to look hard…I mean good for her(s) so on the moderate side check out Saturdays, Saltbox, Britches and Patagonia, higher end I really like Onia and Sundeck. Wear custom cut suits…Orlebar Brown.

Swiss Army Knife w/Can opener and Wine Screw. Do you really just want to have the can opener on your key-chain when she wants wine? Do not even dare suggest Wine in a box…don’t…do not.

Things to get you off your butt – Frisbee, Football, Volleyball, Surfboard, Boogie-board, Swim Fins, Hand-plane, etc but for Gods sake no Kedema Paddles! Drives me crazy.

Things while on your butt – Aforementioned Books/Mags, Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, backgammon, Sketchbook and Pencils, Watercolors and Pad, find something to either play with someone else or to keep you busy…while not bothering others. Build a sand castle with your bucket and shovel.

Water Bottle/Cooler. Whole Foods and Patagonia carry good ones. Go Aluminum…much better then plastic. Coleman the classic for Coolers.

Waterproof Camera – Your going to want to take photos of each other rocking out by the water. I like the Tough line from Olympus. Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc all make them.

Waterproof Watch- key word Proof not resistant. Found out hard way with a Swatch years ago. While like high end watches especially for the beach I like something wear made but not $3k and way up. I rock a Luminox, G-Shock, and Nixon made good ones.


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