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Looking for something different then your usual Asian fare? Give Filipino cuisine a try at Jeepney. It’s very good and distinctly it’s own. The dishes vary from those that sound very tasty due to Coconut, Tamarind, and Hot peppers to the kinda funky… unless of course you like pigs snout, tripe, and smoked tofu with your Romenesco sauce and seafood. When you first walk in there is a small bar upfront with L shaped seating across from the bar and a couple of tables. A narrow corridor passes by kitchen to the back area with community tables with walls adorned with huge blown up photos of beautiful nude Filipino women. Further back is garden area with plenty of flora and more community tables.

While deciding what to eat my bud ordered up a San Felipe(Rum and Grapefruit with bitters) and I went with a Shebang Beach Cooler (Illegal Mezcal, lime juice, sea salt, and Chipolte). Both were tasty with some punch to them. To start we went with the Sinigang na Corned Beef. It’s Corned Beef in Tamarind beef broth with veggies. It’s served as a soup and was delicious. This is the love child of a Jewish guy and a beautiful Filipino Girl that meet on vacation and I highly recommend ordering this if your a carnivore.

For our mains we ordered up the Bicol Express, a slow roasted Pork Shoulder in coconut milk with pickled chilies and Bok Choy…another hit, especially if you like coconut. They serve sugar cane vinegar on the side for it…tasted good but the Bicol didn’t need it, I liked it better without it. Now for the funky…the Pancit Malabon a combination of rice noodles with shrimp ,calamari ,in a Romenesco sauce topped with smoked tofu, and pork cracking Though it wasn’t bad it made me think this must be what Filipino college students throw together from what’s in the fridge when they have the late night munchies. Overall good stuff and a great spot for something tasty and different fro  your usual suspects.

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Jeepney is located at  201 1st Avenue


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