Bacon, Beer, Bourbon and the Beautiful girls who serve it to you…the 4 B’s, what more can you ask for? I heard about a Gastropub that put Bacon in all their dishes and had a great selection of Beers and Bourbon’s to wash them down so I had to hit BarBacon with some mates(friends from a company from Dow Under). The space is pretty good sized with a large square bar and plenty of tables. My mates and I have a thing for Bacon so we wanted a ringside seat so to speak and took a corner of said bar to begin our adventure.

We started with rounds of beers(a nice selection of craft brews that rotate regularly) The house beer is I believe called Pig Ambition(?) a mix of an IPA and Pilsner that though fairly dry we all really liked. My mates ordered up the Bacon Flights. These rotate depending on availability and new finds. The day we went  they served slices of Pepper, Cider, Applewood, and Jalapeno. All were perfectly fried and tasty with Pepper being the favorite. Since I had to try something from the menu I decided on the BarBacon Grilled Cheese that consisted of two of my favorite cheeses Fontina and Gruyere, a good sized portion of Bacon(replaced the Applewood Bacon with Jalapeno) nestled between slices of Amy’s amazing fennel and raisin bread. Of note the cup of Corn Chowder with sweet corn and of course some Applewood smoked bacon was excellent as well. For some more bacon we ordered up the Bacon Bloody Mary (Bacon infused vodka with Pepper bacon).This was good, not great, I like more horseradish in my Bloody’s.

Of note, I was with as stated mates from down under so we had a bit more to drink then eat…so while they downed beers and enjoyed the Bloody as well I could not resist their Bourbon/Whisky selection, especially since they had some on my “need to try” list. First up the Balcones “Brimstone”. I need to pick up a bottle of this, nuff said. Next up, the Widow Jane Rye which turned out to be surprising smooth,  though had a bit of a punch at the finish. I really need to come back and try some more of the food, maybe get a bacon and beer flight, some more Bourbon…Oh, almost forgot to mention they have a happy hour with $5 pints from their rotating craft brew beers…

IMG_4168 IMG_4166

Bar Bacon is located at 836 9th Avenue 


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