In between searching for a book at The Strand and checking out the new Artists supply store Jerry’s just south of Union Square I was getting hungry and looking  for a spot preferably somewhere new to grab a bite. While walking south on Broadway I see across the street The Hummus & Pita Company. I like Hummus, Pita bread and the goods that usually get stuffed into one so I popped into a surprising big open spacious place. Tables come high and low and it all looks like re-purposed wood.
You order cafeteria style in a phased approach. First you choose your Pita, white or go healthy with  whole wheat(you can go bowl or platter if looking to watch the carbs for your beach bod) next you pick a filling… Shawarrma, Chicken Thigh,  Steak , Veggie, or Falafel . Next up is the namesake Hummus, go regular, Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato, Jalapeno, etc. followed by a great selection of fillings, Tabbouleh, Fried Eggplant, Spicy Carrots, Israeli Salad, Top it off from the Toppings section Tomato, Cucumber, feta, pickled etc too many to list. and last but certainly not least choose a Sauce, Chimmichurri ,Tahina, Harissa to name a few.


I went Shawarma in a whole wheat pita(was hungry and figured I’d burn the carbs swimming laps) regular hummus to try(will go jalapeno when I return) Israeli salad and topped it with the works splashed with some some Chimmichuri on top. Nutritious, delicious, and filling. To drink they have Izze Sparkling Juices , a selection fountain  sodas, Water and bottled Beer. I like the Izze line and had their Grapefruit to go with my meal. For those looking for a great spot for a quick bite and who like their Hummus and Middle Eastern meats and salads add The Hummus & Pita Company to your go to list.

IMG_4190 IMG_4189 IMG_4188

The Hummus & Pita company is located at  815 Broadway

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