Every look through a Magazine and think you wish you could try on, touch, taste this or that right there and then? Story is a store that is kind of like a living Magazine that changes every 4 -8 weeks like an Art Gallery changing its theme. The current theme is Cool and geared towards giving you the goods you need to maximize your Summer. They currently carry everything from Bathing suits to Iced treats, Air Conditioners to Candles, Suntan lotion to Cocktail Bitters. My favorites included…

Books -Summertime, a variety of Cocktails books, Grilling guides, Cool things to do books and even Dogs Underwater etc

Clothing for Men includes the Onia(Bathing Suits, Linen shirts, T’s) and Good Life(high end Hoodies and Sweat Shorts) lines that I’m big fan of. For the Ladies  KamaliKulture – loved the polka dot Bikinis…

B.Jelly Candles (with jewelry in them, think Cracker Jacks) with names like Surf Shack(beachy) and Main Squeeze(citrusy)

Soap- Not Soap Radio(Liquid Soaps) Colorful bottles with equally colorful names like Bathing with Sharks that’s blue, has Royal Jelly in it and has Shark in it’s name…cool

Swell Bottles to keep beverages cool(& hot) that come in cool blues. Perfect for water, Ice Coffee, hot coffee…or the big ones hold a full bottle of Vino…Might need one of these for the roof

Grady’s Ice Coffee – grab a cup there or take home either the concentrated liquid bottle or like I did bags in a can…

Ice Cream – Hay Rosie ice cream boxes(7oz)….Banana  Ferrari was some of the best Banana I’ve ever had and has caramel crunchies. I need to try the Batman(chocolate based and dark…like a Knight) and the Popcorn Sriracha…

Cocktail Gear – Mini shakers with Anchor skewers, Juice Sprayers(you stick it in a lemon, Lime etc…spray the juice in) and Bitters from Hell a Bitters

    Cool story is a very cool concept store loaded with goods to bring as a House gift that your Host/Hostess will not soon forget, cool gifts for the kiddies or even your dog, Summer B-day gifts or quite simply a treat for yourself. Oh if you like Ice Cream you really need to get a box of the Hay Rosie…they are $7…but well worth it.

This Is Story is located at 144 10th Avenue and the Cool Story goes till August 17th

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