A bit hungry after a day at the beach and looking for something different then my usual faves before I jump on the LIRR back to the city I decided to give Currywurst Company a shot. For some reason I expected a small place with a take out counter and was pleasantly surprised by a schmal Beer Hall by the beach complete with  brick walls, large wooden tables and plasma screens for the games.

The waitress asked if I wanted a beverage while I wait from their selection of over 20 German beers,  3 of them on tap, I choose the Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (Wheat). She pulled out a little glass, perfect for a petite cute Fraulein like she…but I opted for a big boy size (a pint…of note, they have Boots here and a Boot Club!) While looking at the menu I had the opportunity to speak with Lothar Miller the Owner, great guy, we shared a bunch of travel stories in Central and South America.

Currywurst’s menu is pretty big and of course has the namesake Currywurst where you choose your Wurst and your level of heat(from mild for little girls to my stomach is made from the steel of German Tiger II tanks!), an entree selection(Gulasch, Sauerbraten, etc), sides(Fries w/mayo, Red Cabbage salad, Cucumber salad, etc) and a Gourmet Brat selection that drew my attention. It was a tough choice between the Boar, Buffalo and Elk but went Boar w/spicy mustard. It comes with sauerkraut, some of the best I’ve had. I also got from the side selection some fries with the smoked paprika mayo(they also have Bacon, Chili, etc) Everything was great and I’ll be back. The Elk with cheese wrapped in bacon…may just have to try one of those next…

Currywurst Company German Grill is located at 10 West Park Ave in Long Beach (right across from the LIRR Train Station)

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