Every… single…  time I’ve walked by Luduree while strolling along West Broadway it has had long lines of primarily ladies waiting to get in. Once while I was across the street looking over two “modelesque” looking girls were talking about the Macarons and I asked if they were “waiting on a long line,,,,so good? They responded “oh yes, when in Paris we always go”. So how could I eventually not. Finally I walk by and there is no line outside, just pretty well dressed girls inside buying sweet treats inside. The pastries looked fairly enticing especially the giant Strawberry, but I was here for the legendary Macarons(please note, they have a full menu for Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner).  I check out the flavor assortment and after I see Pistachio and Chocolate Coconut ..sold! I order up.

Chocolate Coconut ,Orange Blossom, Rose Petal, and of course the Pistachio. The intensity of the flavors are unreal and more then lived up to the hype. Pistachio tasted like I was eating the nuts themselves and the Rose burst with flavor. The real beauty here is that since the taste is so intense you only need a couple at a time to satiate your sweet tooth while keeping the calories off.

While paying I look over and notice the place is much bigger then I expected with a very fancy dining room with a leopard print rug, bright blue banquettes and Greek statues and there is a garden in the back. This is definitely where pretty girls in pretty dresses come for a sweet treat. The Macarons taste so good they even made me feel kinda pretty…might even buy some for someone that’s pretty special…

Laduree is located at 398 West Broadway

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