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The “keepers”(the things that you slide the watch band into to hold it in place) on my Luminox watch first one, then the other broke and fell off my watch band. The rest of the band and watch are in perfect shape. This was at least the 2nd if not the 3rd time my “Navy Seals ColormarkLuminox “keepers” succumbed to salt water and the elements. This might not be such a big deal if when these things fell off it was in my pool or a friends…but it always happens while in vacation in places like Spain’s Costa Brava or Brazil. Since I already replaced the entire band for $50.00 2 or 3 times…it was getting to the point of maybe just buying a new watch with a different band. I went to the store where I purchased it and all they had was the same band I had…nothing else in stock.

So I took to the Internet and did some research which led to most people buying a NATO (brand) band (actually what Bond wore as his band for his Rolex in the Connery era). Thing is they came as 22 and 24mm…of course my model of Luminox was 23mm. Grand Central Watch came up as a service provider for both the watches and the bands. Since they are centrally located and I knew friends who have gone to them in the past I tried them first. As soon as they saw it they immediately knew my issue. As a Luminox dealer they’ve seen this plenty of times before. Initially they offered to put on spare keepers for free. I was pretty impressed by this, especially in this economy considering that they had a willing to pay prospect. I told them I really appreciated that but, then would just be back again and I would prefer to do my part to keep a great service oriented businesses like this in business and go with a NATO band. After going through their stock it turned out they had a like band…Blue Black to match my watch, 23mm! and by Luminox made for my watch! It was exactly what I was looking for and I was good to go.

Of note, they have been around for over 60 years and  do everything from replace batteries and watch bands, to test for water resistance to repair Rolex’s and other like high end brands. They also sell new watches. Superior service, great location and fair prices make Grand Central Watch a winner.

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Grand Central Watch is located  at the 45th Street Passageway (Next to track 38) Grand Central Terminal New York


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