You work out hard sweating it out in the gym, yoga studio, the road, pool etc, you watch what you eat to stay fit and expose yourself to the sun, wind, and rain when running, biking, skiing, swimming, surfing etc. You’re also at least semi-Green trying to do your part to make the planet a better place. So why would you then want to douse yourself with chemicals tested on and harming animals to clean your skin and hair? I sure don’t, so I use products that are at least primarily all natural with limited exceptions. The list below are my favorite spots to both buy gifts for the ladies in ones life and for the stuff that I use to groom this savage beast. Of note, most of these goods are premium priced,some more the others. However, I have noticed they are usually fairly concentrated, so you use less, making them a better bang for the proverbial buck then they seem.

Aesop – Ultra high end all natural stuff from Oz. I love Shampoo’s with mint and eucalyptus to wake you up in the morning and they have a number of them.

Bliss – The folks at Bliss Spa make some great soaps. The Big Blue Bar and the Mint one are my faves. They also have a great foot lotion.

Fresh – I primarily come here to buy soaps and hand and body lotions as gifts that are made from Brown Sugar, Sake, Roses etc…They also have some great Perfumes and Colognes…one I’ve found that works particularly well for me…

Kiehls – The Grapefruit body wash is great as is the oatmeal scrub bar. Their Clean Hold Gel is how I keep my hair looking styling without being “Something About Mary” stiff. Facial Fuel helps as well some mornings.

– Another spot I go to primarily for gifts especially their Lavender line for the ladies.

Lush – Their Ocean Salt is my go to favorite scrub…smells like a great cocktail. The Iced Blue, Dirty and Sea Vegetable(made with Seaweed and Sea Salt) are some of my favorite hard soaps.

Malin Goetz – I believe they have their own shop but I get their goods at high end Barber Shops with boutiques like Fellow Barber. Their Peppermint Shampoo and Scrubs are epic

Molten Brown – Great place for gifts of high end bath gels, hand lotions and the like. I often have a bottle of their Eucalyptus or Templetree on hand.

Rituals – Another spot that has some great Icy Cool products for the skin and scalp. Their bath foam gels are great as well and they have plenty of lines to choose from.


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