Perk Kafe 2Beans

Up until very recently there were few good options to get a good cup of Joe, an Espresso or an Iced Coffee by Grand Central. Now all of a sudden it’s not where can I go for a decent cup it’s which one and why? Since I work frequently out of Coffee Bars most of these places have seating and WIFI and due to my sweet tooth most have very good baked treats. Here my top choices…

2Beans – As the name implies it’s not only about the coffee here (Lavazza), but about the cocoa bean as well. They have an amazing selection of chocolate from all over the world. They also have very good Gelato and pastries. The upstairs is a great spot to get away or have a meeting.

Aroma – They serve a piece of chocolate with their morning brew and have good sandwiches and pastries.

Cafe Grumpy – One of my new faves for their hot coffee, bags of beans to go, and their Iced Brew. Awesome Banana Bread with Cardamon and Black Pepper.

FIKA – Good coffee and very good pastries,especially the muffins. I like this location, but like the one on 41st west of Bryant Park even better.

Financier – Good solid cup of Coffee and Espresso, very good pastries especially like their large sized Pistachio Macrons and that you get a mini financier pastry with your coffee

Gregory’s – Really like the Pour-Overs here as well as the drip. Great Banana Bread, Muffins and Cookies.

Joe – Another great spot for bags of beans, coffee hot or cold and some tasty treats, especially the Ring Dings…

Le Colombe at Zuckers – Why all Bagel Joints don’t have great coffee like Le Colombe served here is beyond me. Great Bagels and spreads and some nice spins on classic treats like Red Velvet Twinkies

Perk Kafe serving Stumpton’s – While it’s a handful of blocks away from Grand Central, it’s close enough to make this list especially since they serve Stumpton’s which is one of my favorites. They also have awesome Chocolate Almond Croissants that they get from a spot in Soho and great Banana Bread


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