Decisions, decisions I came to Eclair Bakery for the eclairs highly recommend by a French friend of mine but figured I had to try a croissant  or pastry while I was here. Though a number of items caught my fancy since it was early and I needed breakfast I choose the ham and cheese croissant over the chocolate almond and the raspberry almond versions . It may well be the best I’ve ever had…and I’ve been to France a few times. It was incredibly buttery to the point that under Bloomberg he might have made it illegal…under Del Blasio… He’s probably order 3 more after the first and then hit the eclairs.

As for their namesake they have more flavors of Eclairs then I’ve ever seen…Chocolate, Pistachio, Passion Fruit, Praline….to name a few. I took home a pistachio and a coconut since they are two of my favorite flavors. Along with the large selection of recurring flavors  they have they do weekly specials  as well(see their website for current selections) at the time I was there they had Red Velvet and Cheesecake. For Carrot Cake lovers…their version is quite good and the macrons looked rather tasty as well. Of note, they have a very good cup of coffee to enjoy with your pastry(ies). Needless to say “Je reiendrai pour plus d‘…hopefully Google Translate got that right:)

Eclair Bakery is located at 305 East 53rd


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