As I was heading home after a morning meeting I saw the Beer & Buns sign at the Court Hotel and walked over to check out the menu. I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected menu of Asian inspired sliders ….which was interesting since I just caught up with a bud recently who likes Asian Fusion and Sliders. I came back later for lunch to do a little research. Upon entering I was expecting a pub like setting, yet found myself in a very cool looking large yet minimalist designed space with  plasma screens, a bar and even a backyard garden.

Beer & Buns menu has a fair amount to choose from including 10 different types of sliders (3 for $12, 5 for $17), Burgers, Salads, Sides and Appetizers. Since I was hungry and not sure how filling the sliders would be I ordered the Coconut Shrimp to start served with pineapple salsa. These were great, if you are nuts for coconut like I am you will enjoy these. Of note, the Salsa was actually a Pineapple flavored duck sauce…good but a little sweet. The Pulled Pork Quesadilla, Lobster Mac and Cheese and Tempura Veggies were tempting as well(of note the latter two were on the sides menu).


I decided to go seafood(they have beef, pork, chicken, and vegan options) and ordered the Bangkok Dangerous (Thai style Tom Yom Shrimp on brioche) ,Grouper on Fire -(fried fillet in a spicy chile sauce on an onion bun) and Phuket Fantasy( Crab Cake w/green curry on onion brioche) The Grouper was my favorite followed by the Crab Cake. The Shrimp was good, but it was eclipsed by the Coconut Shrimp appetizer. They have a nice selection of beers to choose from as well as Milk Shakes, soda and ice tea to quench your thirst. Another great addition to the neighborhood.

IMG_4774 IMG_4772

Beer & Buns is located in the Court Hotel at 130 East 39th Street


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