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I caught up with a couple of friends to check out slightly off the beaten path Ethos Gallery 51. It’s a beautiful space inside with a small curved bar and a beautiful clientele with curves to match. Seating is also available outside which is where my friends and I grabbed a table on a cool and breezy Summer evening. The menu here is fairly large and leans towards seafood. We started with Octapodi Sharas(Grilled Octopus with Onions, Capers, Fava Puree, Lemon and Herbs) and the Horiatiki(a classic Greek Salad{no lettuce} of cucumber, tomato, feta, olives, etc and Melitzana Feta(Eggplant stuffed with Feta, tomato sauce and herbs) All were great especially the Octapodi.

For our main courses we ordered a couple to share. My bud ordered the Greek Sausage which was very good though vastly different then what I expected.  believe this was tamed for American tastes since I was forewarned that it would be very gamy, yet I thought it was delicious loaded with mint. It Came with a side of Taramasalata and Baba Ganoush…both delish. We went back to the sea for our next main the Snapper. It  was fresh out of the ocean and simply prepared with lemon, oil and capers. We also enjoyed some sautéed spinach to keep it green and healthy on the side. We Drank vino and beers from from Greece with our meal as we shared stories from the past, present, life and the crazy state of the worlds current affairs. For desert a plate of Greek treats were served. Add Ethos Gallery 51 to your “Great Greek Spots” list.

Ethos Gallery 51 is located at 905 1st a Avenue



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