Toby's Funghi PizzaToby's Salad

Looking for somewhere new to grab Brick oven Pizza? So was I recently when I came upon Toby’s Public House in Soho recently. Toby’s has a nice sized menu to choose from but it was their Lunch special on the chalk board outside that drew me in. For $15 you get a Caesar or House salad and a choice of three (3)Pizzas… Margarita, Soppressata or Fungi. I choose the House salad that came in a huge bowl comprised of fresh arugula, cherry tomatoes, lots of Pecorino cheese in a Vinaigrette.

The Pizza’s are personal size that come in 6 slices. Though I usually go meat, especially when it’s spicy I went Fungi for a change of pace and was rewarded with some tasty earthy wood fired goodness .Of note I hit mine with some pepper flakes and theirs packed some punch. The balance of the large salad and the personal sized pizza I thought worked great showing today’s sensibilities and balance of food groups making Toby’s a definite spot for lunch as well as a cool spot to get a tasty brick oven pizza and craft beer or wine on tap in the evening.

Of note, the Waitress explained all the ingredients in detail to me, ie Fungi is Mushrooms, Soppressata is…etc which I found interesting since I grew up this stuff, they must get a lot of Tourists. Decor wise the place has thick high top and chair level wood tables, walls adorned with B&W photos and a  L shaped bar with over 20 craft brews on tap to choose from, a number of vino’s and some cool cocktails to keep you busy.

Toby’s is located at 86 Kenmare Street



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