After a late lunch and looking for some coffee to pick me up I walked by Third Rail Coffee on 10th Street in the East Village. When I saw that they carried Stumptowns I went right in for some… and then saw the George Howell which  I’ve never seen nor had before. Third Rail Coffee does the usual suspects and offers four (4) pour overs (Chemex) to choose from. I had the George Howell, Reka from Ethiopia described as tasting like Earl Grey, Honeydew, and Clementine. It was so good I drank it without my usual brown sugar and cream.

If you get hungry they have sandwiches and baked goods(muffins, donuts etc) to fill you up. Inside they have seating along the windows and walls as well as a small community table (6) to make some new friends. They have Beans, Press Pots, Cold Press Pots to go as well.

IMG_5017 IMG_5016

Third Rail Coffee is located at 159 2nd Ave


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