I am always amazed that while in Vietnam I hardly ever saw Bahn Mi sandwiches and back here in NYC shops keep popping up. Saigon Baguette recently opened and is a great new addition to Murry Hill’s up and coming food scene. They offer half a dozen Bahn Mi, Soups, Noodles, Rice Bowls. a number of appi’s and sides. Vietnamese Ice Coffee and a variety of Asian Fruit Flavored Juices to drink.

The first time I came I had the Lemongrass Chic(ken) Bahn Mi and the Beef Pho soup, enjoyed both and with most items on the menu at $8-10 a great deal as well. On my next trip I ordered up the Traditional, which is far from traditional. They use Ground BBQ Pork, Ham and Pate (all sandwiches are topped with pickled julienne carrots cucumber, jalapeno , cilantro, daikon radish and mayo, served on a toasted baguette) vs  in Vietnam where ” traditional” is spam and carrots on a roll”. I also had their Laksa Curry soup. As much as I like their Bahn Mi this is actually my favorite menu item thus far. It’s spicy coconut curry broth is loaded with chicken and noodles plus an egg. It’s going to be one of my Winter standards… it’s one of my favorite soups  in the city.  Add Saigon Baguette to your Best Bahn Mi, Sandwiches, Soups, and Take-Out Lunch spots lists…(of note, there are a few tables available to eat right on the spot)

Saigon Baguette is located at 719 2nd Ave


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