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Toloache Thomson is yet another hit from Super-Chef Julian Medina, the sister restaurant to its uptown sibling and cousin to the Yuerba Buena’s. My bro started with a Sandia Margarita(Tequila , Watermelon lime) and I choose the De la Calle (Tequila, Cucumber , Jalapeno ,and lime). While trying to decide which appi’s to share and our respective entrees we ordered up the Guacamole Frutas (Avocado , pomegranate , onion, mango, apple, Thai basil, Habanero) I thought it was great but not spicy, my Bro liked it as well but found it spicy, what can I say. After much heated debate we decided on the Atun Ceviche (Spicy Yellowtail, bathed in  watermelon and key lime), a Quesadilla (Shrimp, and Pineapple, in a Chile de arbol salsa and cheese) and the Beef Short Rib Tacos with Marrow and  Red Onion Jalapeno chiles. All were exceptional with the Ceviche being my favorite…or was it the Tacos?

For entrees my bro went with a Latin version of the Asian Fusion classic Miso Glazed Black Cod…what you ask is the Latin Twist? Tequila in the glaze and Chipolte in the Black truffle butter…how’s that work for you? I love Paella so I ordered up the Tumbada, a Seafood via Veracruz style Paella with Shrimp, Fish, Clams Octopus, and Chorizo. A great dish and if you like Octopus I highly recommend it. To go with it I ordered a great drink from the Mezcal Cocktail selection made with Pineapple…though I cannot remember it’s name. Possibly because when the check came we were served the chef’s special Herradura Double Barrel Reposada …in a Flute glass. My Brother sipped it, said “Bueno” and then poured it into mine claiming he had to drive. He did…so more for me. It was deep, rich and smokey. If you’re a Scotch drinker try some. Of note, the service was absolutely exceptional by friendly waiters who really cared. On a rating of 1-4 I’d give Toloache Thompson a 5…the service gets an extra bonus star of it’s own.

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Toloache Thompson is located at 205 Thompson Street

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