On the last weekend of the Summer I not only needed some Ice Cream, but was thinking somewhere new as well. Since I was in the East Village I remembered hearing about Davey’s Ice Cream  so I strolled  over to try their small batch gourmet ice cream.They carry 7 core flavors that are all twists on the classics such as Mexican Vanilla, Black Pepper Strawberry and Peppermint Chip to name a few plus 2-3 specials that change regularly. In addition they have a large variety of toppings both wet and dry.

I when I can control myself(I eat smaller amounts at a time that way)  go pint to go vs cup or cone. For whatever their reason if you want a pint ($9.50) to bring home you can only choose 1 flavor. Hunter Insider tip for you, order a Double ($5.50+ an extra scoop ($2.00)to go. You can get three different flavors, it costs less and pretty much fills up a pint.I ordered up Smore’s which absolutely named the Marshmallow flavor, Roasted pistachio and loaded with chocolate Peppermint Chip. The staff is friendly and will let you try their flavors out…you will not walk away without a scoop or two…

Davey’s Ice Cream is located at 137 1st Avenue


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