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Sprinkles well known for their Cupcakes and Cupcake ATM (yes, you read that correctly) introduced Ice Cream over the Summer and it is pretty awesome. They have over 2 dozen flavors that rotate daily, plus special flavors as well. There were many that sounded good on the Monday menu but not the ones I really wanted to try. I was about to leave and come back another day when I overheard the Counter Girl state that their Mint  Chip uses  “Spearmint ” which stopped me dead in my tracks and I ordered up some plus the Cherry Vanilla with Morello Cherries simmered in Pinot Noir in Madagascar Vanilla with Bourbon. Of course while I was there how could I not pick up some Cupcakes for my niece and nephew…and me:) Banana, Coconut, and Black and White. We might even share them….maybe. Of note, they have stay-fresh bags to keep your cupcakes moist and yummy…

IMG_5285 IMG_5284

Sprinkles is located at 782 Lexington Avenue


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