Trading Post Lobster Cobb

I had a business lunch with some Partners recently and one of them recommended the Trading Post for great American food in an upscale tavern setting. It’s a fairly large space inside with a very long bar with very pretty girls behind it with some super comfy padded bar stools by the bar and by the high tables by the windows. The Trading Post serves classics like Turkey sandwiches, Burgers, Steaks, French Onion soup along with twists on classics like their Cobb Salads with Lobster.

Most of our party ordered up the Lobster Cobb which came served like a fancy tartar packed puck but once dismantled had a fair amount of lobster meat. As an added bonus for me one of my friends likes the lobster tail meat, but not the claws..which I took care of for him. We also got a side of the jalapeno mayo (comes on their Lobster Roll) to dip the Lobster in. I really liked it but found it more flavorful then spicy. My bud on the other-hand was kinda feeling the heat. One of our friends started with the Onion Soup that he put down before I could how it tasted…guess he liked it and another got the Turkey sandwich with homemade potato chips that he shared with the table that were amazing.

To finish our meal we ordered Coffee and Cappuccino’s, the coffee coming in Alice in Wonderland size coffee mugs. Service like the food was very good. A great place for a business lunch or dinner and likely a good spot for a beverage or three after work. Of note, It is all the way down John Street by the water…so if you hear the sound of a splash…you walked past it…

The Trading Post is located at 170 John Street


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