Jerry’s Palette Shop has been really doing a great job lately reaching out to the Art Community in the NY area by conducting Demo’s, Drawing Events and the like. Here’s the latest on the recent demo’s I attended for world famous Michael Harding Oil Paints and up and coming New Wave Artists Palette.

New Wave Palettes is run by brothers Kyle and Keith whose Dad is  a portrait painter. While most Artist Palettes stress the wrist after a while they out together a hand held curved palette- with 3 points for the hand, arm and hip points that keeps wrist straight. Made out if Maple wood, it’s finish stands against any paints or mediums. They come in Large Studio (righty and lefty), a Detail palette(smaller) and for travel the Highland palette. For those who prefer to sit while they paint and like a rectangular palette they offer a number as well that include the Table Top Posh palettes(neutral or grey in 2 sizes). A rectangular 11X16 built for most travel cases and a Peel-able gray rectangular palette which is disposable and glued on 3 edges to keep paper secure. I picked up a peel-able rectangular grey one to try out and see how laying out my colors on a grey palette vs a while one affects my blending and painting.

Up next was Michael Harding Oil Paints. Michael starting making his own paints after observing Rembrandt’s works at the National while at University in the UK.  After fellow students saw his colors he starting marking them to sell and eventually landed a job as the in-house supplier for a major store in London. This helped connect him with some notable local Artists that eventually led him to world famous artists like David Hockney. His oil paints are hand made the way the Old Masters did n the UK and sold in 35 countries around the world. Michael takes vibrancy of color to another level because he doesn’t add filer to cut costs like the larger labels do, but uses just high end pigment with some linseed oil which increases light fastness and Chroma.The collection includes Old Master colors (ie Lapis Lazuli made from semi-precious stones from Afghanistan as  well as the new artificial  colors like Ultramarine Blue ).

After Michael shared his story on how he got into the business and how his paints differentiate from his competitors he let us come up and experiment mixing his paints which I rather enjoyed. Some went right after his rich bright colors while I started mixing up flesh tones. I used a palette knife while some used their fingers. Of note, samples of Titanium White 2, Ultramarine Blue, and Magenta were given out as samples. I also picked up the Rose Madder, Kings Blue Light and his Cadmium Yellow which I’m really looking forward to trying out on my upcoming new pieces.

Jerry’s Palette Shop is located at 111 4th Avenue


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