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Do you love Chinese Dumplings, but wish the little pan- fried pockets of pleasure were a bit better for you and not such, much a guilty pleasure? Well I may have just found the organic dumplings(Fleisher’s Grass-fed and Organic Meats here in Brooklyn and Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op.) of your dreams. After jumping off the bus on 2nd Ave on my way to pick up some Art supplies and run some errands I walked by Mini Cheng’s Dumplings. I love Chinese Dumplings ,liked the organically sourced twist, and the price was right so I popped in.

At Mimi Cheng’s they pretty much does one thing and do it right. You choose between Chicken, Pork or Veggie,6 for $8 or 8 for $10. You can get all of one or split by 2, thought not by all 3 for some reason. Think they should(hint, hint:). They come steamed or pan-fried(they recommend pan fried) and arrived surprising moist and  juicy bursting with flavor. The Chicken had Zucchini and the Pork Bok Choy and Cabbage. The wrapper they use is delicious and notably different  from most I’ve had…plus they very lightly pan fry them. Remember, they are organic, so go crazy..go fried. Top them with Mimi’s secret sauce and or Sriracha. The special sauce is very good, but not spicy so I I went with both.

To drink I had Mimi’s Thai Basil Lemonade(they also had an Iced tea and rotate seasonally) which was very tasty and refreshing…hitting just the right balance between tart and sweet.I didn’t get to try them but they have Desert Dumplings as well…stuffed with Apples. They recently started doing Monthly Special Dumplings and in honor of Football season,  for October they are Buffalo Chicken…will need to check these out upon my upcoming return visit.

Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings is located at 179 2nd Avenue


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