Baba Ghanoush

On my way to a meeting with limited time for a lunch I wanted something quick but healthy and espied Baba Ghanouge’s sign down on Fulton Street “Eat Healthy,  Live Longer”. Sounded good so I popped in, liked the menu and chose a Spicy Chicken Pita with Spicy Hummus and a side of fresh made Baba Ghanouge. The wrap was very good and really liked the spicy hummus. However, if you are hungry get a side as well. The namesake was very fresh and with some whole wheat pita hit the spot. To drink I pulled from their fridge a Steaz Green Tea and Lemonade to follow through on the keep it healthy but tasty theme. Fast Food does not enter the Temple that is by body, so if you feel the same this is a great option downtown for something quick, tasty and good for you.

Baba Ghanouge is located at 143 Fulton Street


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