I attended the opening for “Masquerade” during the Summer and when I heard that Nikolina Kovenlenko was previewing a new series of works titled “Dress Code” I stopped by to check out her new works and for some inspiration as well. Once again Nikolina explores our self absorbed superficial world which in this series she juxtaposes famous figures from the Old Masters who find themselves in modern day settings such as a children’s Playground and a high end Spa’s Roman like baths. In Swimming Pool my favorite thus far from the new series beautiful women chill in the water and lie out among Roman like columns oblivious to the personification of beauty itself, Venus, they are so self absorbed. These women and the children in the Playground piece are caught in their respective “comfort zones” yet missing out on so much by not stepping out of them. Nikolina continues to push us past our overly commercialized world and to look within to find our true selves.


Gitana Rosa is located at 430 West 25th Street 4th floor


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