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I love the food of Spain and their thing for Gin and Tonics so when I heard about Cata I needed to head over for some Tapas. Cata is dimly lit, romantic and has a cool vibe making it ideal for a night out with a special someone or a small group of friends. It has a very long bar with seating, high tables in the same room for from two to six, a back room and a downstairs(that I didn’t get a chance to explore as of this time). Cata is known for it’s large Gin and Tonic menu(over 20!) with a great selection of Gin favorites and Gins I’ve never had before with large variety of botanicals. I had the Anise G&T followed by a the Chili and loved both. My dining companion enjoyed a very nice White Wine, the Spanish equivalent to a Pinot Grigio, I believe a Verdejo.

However, as good as the drinks were, it was the food that really blew me away. We ordered up a few items from the Tapas menu that included the Deviled Eggs topped with Oysters and the Bombas of Jamon, Manchego in a spicy tomato sauce which melt in ones mouth, followed by the Quail Eggs Benedict. From the Entrees we choose the Duck Ravioli which turned out to be a beautiful melding of  the earthly flavors of mushrooms and truffles with texture provided by the parmigiana crisp topping them. We loved everything with the Duck Ravioli and the Quail Eggs Benedict being our favorites. If you’re looking for a great spot for Tapas, something different then your usual fare and a great selection of drinks and vino in a sweet setting with service to back it up add Cata to your Best of, and Go to, to Impress lists…

Cata is located at 245 Bowery


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