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I was invited to attend a Wine Tasting at the Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg via Gogobot recently and learned more about Wine in 30 minutes while enjoying 9 of their wines over another 30 minutes then I ever have reading books and articles in magazines on the grape. Brooklyn Winery opened 4 years ago and with the exception of owning a Vineyard and growing the grapes they produce their own vino from grape to glass in what used to be a Disco in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

They are small artisanal batch producers and they source their White’s from NY’s Finger Lakes and the North Fork and from the West Coast their Reds. The tour I went on was not only very informative but a lot of fun and as stated, you get to taste 9 different wines(I believe it’s $35 pp and you get keep your Brooklyn Winery glass)! Plus when done, you can re-sample some(pours were generous) My favorites were the Steel Cask and Neutral French Oak Chardonnays, the Pinot Noir from Los Carneros and the Petite Sirah. Bottles are available to purchase with most Whites in the low $20’s and Red in the early $30’s. I picked up bottles of the Steel and Oak Casked Chardonnays .

Fun Fact- White wine is made w/o the skin, Red made with the skins, orange is white with skins in,

Rose red with skins pulled during process. How did man figure this out….trial & error.

Brooklyn Winery is a beautiful looking place inside and they do Weddings and Events(You need to book in advance. It would be a great place for a date or a group outing the way it’s laid out. I highly recommend the Tasting Tour or simply pop by to taste their goods. You too will likely leave with a bottle or two.

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Brooklyn Winery is located at 213 N 8th St, Brooklyn


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