We are pretty much about half way through the Fall of 2014 and I put together a list of my Favorite finds. The list is primarily Food centric with some Gear and Gifts for you and yours…
Baxter, Bayard, Grand and Mott Streets. These streets are loaded with great places and while I’m familiar with Grand and Mott I found that there were sections east and south respectively that I need to hit more often. A number of these Fall Finds are on them…
Bravest – Best Sports Bar Burgers

Brooklyn Winery Wines – Made in Williamsburg and good, very!

Breakroom Break Burger (topped with pork belly confit, tempura onion ring, sunny side egg and L&T!

Croxley’s Sports Bar Beer selection. Huge selection of Craft brews and love their many variations on the Black and Tan.

Cata’s  awesome Tapas and Gin & Tonics menu

Davey’s Ice Cream – Twists on the classics giving them some more depth and awesome specialty flavors like S’mores, etc

Faherty Brand- Flannel Shirts, this Brand is not just for great Board-shorts and Bikini’s. Their Flannels are awesome…so soft she will want to touch it, if not “borrow” it

Happy Bones Coffee’s Cardamon Pistachio Cake…

La Esquina’s Brunch dish Huevos Chilango -Two Poached Eggs, Quinoa Potato Crisp, Chorizo, Tomatillo, Avocado Salsa. Muy Bueno!

Lemonades Hot, Cold, Regular, Salted or with Plum at the various Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown

Michael Harding Oil Paints at Jerry’s Palette Shop. Ultra high quality Oil Paints made the way the Old Masters made them

Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings…These are not your Momma’s Dumplings…they are better, much. Monthly specials as well such as this month’s Thanksgiving Plate Dumpling

Mainsai ‘s Teas Hot and Cold. Their main products, cool nautical bracelets with Anchors or Fishing Hooks, leather Journals, etc are pretty cool as well

Mast Brewed Chocolate – High end Single origin and flavored chocolate brewed like tea but rich in flavor w/o the extra calories. Likely how the Aztecs drank it.

Moleskin – New 7 1/2 X 7 1/2 sketchbooks. Quite simply the best sketching journals and love that they are finally adding new sizes

Nolita Market – Every hood should have a little market this good. It’s a Coffee Bar up front with awesome beans from around the country and back stocked with Basics and Gourmet delights.
Paragon Sports Hiking/ Trail running shoe selection is second to none. Great service provided by knowledgeable staff as well.

Pi Bakerie – The Gods on Mount Olympus crave their Baklava especially the Pistachio version. Great Pi’s, Salads, and Greek Coffee

Puro Chilean Wine Shop – Great selection of Vino from Chile including the Carmenere grape unique to the region. They offer tastings via their Cruvinet

Red Egg – High quality Chinese on the outskirts of Chinatown offering  All Day, Every Day Dim Sum and very good lunch specials. Of note, nice Jet Black interior

Red Flower – Read an article on the need to relax, keeping electronics out of the bedroom and importance of sleep and how the scent of Lavender helps. I’ve been here before for gifts so popped in for a candle. Of note, the Ocean and Moonflower are pretty cool as well and available as bath products.

Saturdays Sweatshirts- Best Sweatshirt ever…though more for watching then playing Football or for the Beach as the sun sets. In a word…Epic.

Under Armors new Soho store is awesome with all their great gear and a friendly staff to help find what you need. I like their Cold…Zip Necks and their Super Hero Logo Compression Tops. Even found gifts for my impossible to buy, yet sweet Sister-in -Law.

Zucker’s Bagels breakfast special. Not only one of NYC best Bagels, not only, only $4 (add .50 for choice of flavored) but comes with Le Columbe Coffee!


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