It was what I originally mistook for some cool Street Art that drew me to Red Egg in what has turned our to be their sign so speak painted on their buildings wall. I popped in to check out the menu and when I saw their Dim Sum Menu and that it’s served all day/every day(most places only serve it during the day at lunch) and a lunch Special menu I knew I would be back the next day. Instead of serving their Dim Sum pushed around in carts they give you a sushi like menu to check off for what you specifically want. They offer a fairly large selection and thus far I enjoyed the Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings) and some of my new favorites the Pork, Cilantro and Shrimp Dumplings. Light wrappers stuffed with tasty delights. Their hot sauce adds some nice heat in addition to using traditional soy sauce.Red Egg also has great Lunch Specials, for only $7.95 you get a Soup, Entree and Rice. My first visit I had their Chicken Corn Soup to start with the Beef with Olives and bitter Mellon with Brown Rice (rarely found in Chinatown). This was a nice twist on the classic usually made with blank beans and peppers . On my next visit I started with the Hot and Sour soup that packs more heat then most version I’ve had(Read:Very good thing) and for my Entree the Scallops in Black Bean sauce with Red Onions. I was  pleasantly surprised this was available on the lunch menu and that the dish was so full of delicious perfectly cooked Bay Scallops.

Red Egg’s interior is far superior to its neighbors. It’s  primarily black with red curtains, green plants and cool lighting hanging from the ceiling. Aside from lunch it would be great for dinner with a group or date(that craves Dim Sum). With delicious and more refined food then most in the neighborhood with a decor that blows pretty much the others away…add Red Egg to your Dim Sum, Lunch Specials and Best Chinese food lists.

Red Egg is located at 202 Centre Street


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  1. […] This was one of my favorite finds. They Offer Dim Sum all the time but instead of it pushed around in carts they give you a sushi like menu to check off what you want. They offer a fairly large selection and have a great Lunch Special for under $10 that includes Soup, Rice and an Entree all in a far superior interior. For full review hit  Red Egg […]

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