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Jerry’s had another fun event last week kicking it up a notch. As soon as you walked in you were given “goodie bags” that turned out to be a pretty sweet pre-holiday gift. A six(6) pack of Turners primary colors, a 3 pack of their Neo paints and a 3 pack of their Watercolors along with a cool Jerry’s T Shirt that has a palette with the Statue of Liberty on the back. Which led right to a Sushi bar served by Sushi chefs who loaded up wooden barges with a variety of rolls and pieces. Then off to the bar offering Sake, Sapporo beer and Pink Water. I choose Sake…I choose wisely. Then I ran into some friends from the Art Studio I take classes at and had another round of Sushi and Sake. Well sated it was time to check out and play with the Turner paints.

Instead of doing a sit down presentation like they usually do, this  one was up on your feet using the paints to get a feel for working with them and the huge variety of colors provided. While playing with the paints I had the chance to speak with ChristyBomb (Christy Bremer’s nom de guerre) the artist on hand whose cool Art adorned the walls (see pics) and she gushed about how much she loved working with the Turner paints(she does not represent them). I couldn’t get over how vibrant and unique many of the colors were. I paint primarily with oils these days but was blown away by the vibrancy of the paints and the colors from their collections. So of course I broke down and purchased another six(6) colors to play with…

Pearl Aqua
Pearl Turquoise
Beryl Green
Perm. Yellow Green
Pearl Pink
Pearl Violet

Another fun event at Jerry’s and another discovery of a brand I never heard of before but have added to my “arsenal” of paints…

Jerry’s is located at 111 4th Avenue



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  1. Christybomb says:

    Thanks for the fun review of “Art, Sushi & Sake” with Turner Colorworks @ Jerry’s International Palette Shop! We had a fabulous time and so happy you could make it. Hope to see you at the next event. Happy painting!! 🙂

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