Maman Lavender Hot Chocolate

Maman is a cute little French Bakery with a cute multi-cultural/national clientele who switch between speaking English and a French while they enjoy the amazing baked goods of “baker extraordinaire” Elisa Marshall. There is some seating up front by by the window and a big community table and 3 tables for 4 in the back.

Their Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies come out of the oven melting and oozing chocolate. The nuts being almonds and macadamia. It’s big and fairly outrageous.  While I would usually go for coffee(of note they use Toby’s Estate which I’m a big fan of) with this since instead I opted for their Hot Chocolate. They infuse Lavender (tastes like a subtle version of mint) in the milk to make this both a delicious and unique Hot Chocolate. It’s not of the thick and heavy variety. Maman’s is kind of like a French woman…smells good as it gets close, proportions are just right and when it hits your lips tastes like things to come making you want more..

Also available are sandwiches, salads, quiches, and a number of baked goods that include croissants, Chocolate fondant mini cake and Tarts. On a return bust I had a slice of Rhubarb tart that was off the charts, one of  the best I’ve ever had. Maman is on my  favorite Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Tarts, and Breakfast spot lists.

Maman Rhubarb Tart

Maman is located at 239 Centre Street   




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