Looking for new wines and grapes to turn people in your life onto? How about showing up this season at a holiday party or maybe having a bottle waiting by candlelight for someone special? Puro has a great selection of Vinos from Chile including the Carmenere grape unique to the region(though of European origin). They offer a rotating selection of their wines via their cruvinet. I tasted a number of their Vinos including the aforementioned Carmenere (which is smooth like a Merlot but had the full bodied structure of a Cab with the spicy notes of a Sangiovese), some nice Sauvignon Blancs(my favorite being the Outer Banks that I just finished with hints of Mango, Pineapple and green pepper), a Steel casked Chardonnay, a nice Pinot Noir and a tasty Rose. The staff is friendly and well versed on the various regions of Chile and the differences that the same grapes have depending on conditions and topography. Now I need to replace that Outer Banks and maybe pick up a bottle of…

Puro is located at  221 Centre St # on the corner of Grand Street



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