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So I get invited to a Gogobot event at The Baroness and the next thing I know I’m volunteered to open a  bottle of Champagne with a sword…while being filmed by everyone in the place! More on that in a sec. The Baroness is a cool little spot in all of places Long Island City, Queens. It’s good for a date or a small group. They have an extensive list of wines from around the world by the glass and available by bottle. A number of Craft Beers on tap and bottle, heavy on local and from Vermont, and of course Champagne.

If you’re on a date order some fine Cheeses from Murray’s and Meats that include Sartori Sarvecchio Black River Blue, Idiazabel, Chorizo, Coppa and Speck. With a group get some Flat bread Pizzas with your beers. We shared the Hab’s Ranch( Habanero sauce, Cheddar, Tasso Ham) the Som’Bitch (their version of a spicy meat toppings pie) and for something a bit more sedate their Margherita. All tasty, my fave the Hab’s Ranch.

As mentioned, Champagne is uncorked a la sword…by you if desired. You will be required to sign a release form and undergo extensive training. Once completed you are given your sword and get to add “Uncorked Champagne with a Sword” off your “done that” list. If you’re looking for a fun spot in LIC check out The Baroness your. Of note, it’s right by the Queensboro Station for you/fellow City Dwellers.

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The Baroness is located at 41-26 Crescent Street in Long Island City, Queens


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