Gato 1

After hitting some Art Galley events my bud and I decided to try getting into GATO. Of course it’s totally booked at 9:45pm for the the rest of the night. Luckily the beautiful space has a large square shaped bar built to dine vs a bar scene. In that regard there is a small space up front for drinks, through GATO is a shrine for Bobby Flay’s cooking not a place looking to be a bar four rows deep. We grab a drink, I ask the Bartender for a “spicy” Margarita, he obliged and my bud a glass of Rioja. As the drinks arrive viola “Bar Genie” spots an opening with seats up at the bar. While hungry we were not starving and since it was getting late decided to go with a bunch of appetizers to share, of which this menu is perfect for. We started from the Tapas menu and ordered to share:
Burrata with Peperonata, dusted with Harissa

Raw chopped Tuna in a Piquillo pepper with Saffron sauce

Eggplant with Manchego in Balsamic Vinegar

All three were delicious, though of note, portions here are not large, though they are packed with flavor. Order a Pizza if you don’t get an Entree, they are great and will do the trick to fill you up a bit. I ordered up the Pizza with Lamb Sausage, Tomato Jam, Mozzarella  and Mint. While it sounded good, it tasted even better. The “Love-Child” of a Gyro with a Brick Oven Pizza. Loving seafood and having a thing for Octopus…seeing that it was served roasted in Tangerine and Bacon it had my name all over it. My bud who is Greek burst out that it was the best he’s ever had. It was quite simply off the charts and was my  “Favorite Dish of 2014”. When we inquired the bartender how it could be so tender..she shared the chefs secret. Corks, yes wine corks in the marinade. Though sated I needed to try a little something from the desert menu. From the sorbets I tried the Fig and from the gelato selection Armagnac. Both delicious though I preferred the Armagnac over the Fig.

Bobby Flay’s new Mediterranean hotspot is a hit. Everything was delicious and it’s in a very cool looking space. As stated reservations are not easy to get, so book well in advance or try your luck at the bar early or late.

Gato2 Gato 3

Gato is located at 324 Lafayette Street



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