So I’m walking along minding my own business heading to a meeting after lunch and walk by a window full of tantalizing pastries and shelves full of jars of chocolate sauces and find myself pulled right in…unlike Marilyn Monroe I cannot “defy gravity”. I tasted the NY Bon Bon first which is a wondrous combination of caramel, chocolate and salted pretzel perfectly blended together producing a pretty awesome treat packed with flavor in such a small sweet package. Next the petite three chocolate, Chocolate Chip cookies…yummy. No way am I walking out of here without something(s?)

Stick With Me is all about delicious handmade Chocolates, Caramels, Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows for said Hot Chocolate , mini Cakes and Cookies. The goods are primarily petite in size yet very rich and packed with multiple layers of flavor. In addition to the usual suspects many Asian flavors infuse these tasty delights such as Sake and Shochu in Chocolate and Yuzu and Mango in the Caramels. While I’m more of a chocolate guy and these are very good…the caramels really blew me away. I handpicked a 10 pack of caramels that included Caramel Sea Salt, Nougat, Yuzu. They literally melt in your mouth…

StickWithMe2 StickWithMe3

Stick With Me is located at 202A Mott Street


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