A Drinking and Drawing event at Brooklyn Brewery with superstar Artist Phil Jimenez on hand to offer commentary and give one on one advice…I was in! As a kid one of the jobs on my list alongside Astronaut and Archaeologist was Comic Book artist. While I pursued other professional endeavours as an adult, Art in some form has always been in my life. After far too long a few years back I picked up pencil and paintbrush and don’t miss a day drawing something. When I first heard about Drink”n”Draw events, two things I enjoy, I started checking them out. Over the last few years I’ve been to a number of these like events and the one that Dare2Draw hosted at the Brooklyn Brewery this past December 30th was one of the best.The event on a cold winter night, the night before New Years attracted over 60 artists. They showed up with everything from personal favorite pencils and sketchpads(this guy:) to those who favor using iPads and Surface’s with Manga Pro and the like. Some even showed up empty handed and were supplied with pencil and pads. Thus, if you just want to give this a go and not invest, Dare2Draw has you covered. Poses vary from 2 minute quick draws to 20 minute long poses. I’m kind of  slow and methodical using an eraser as much as a pencil…so I prefer the long holds. Thought the quick draws are good to practice capturing the form vs the detail.

I always enjoy walking around to look at the other Artists works. The variety of not only different talent and skill levels was eclipsed by the variety of different styles to convey the same subject. It always amazes me how we seemingly see the same subject/object but how we interpret it in our minds and then translate it through pencil, pen, brush, even camera into something unique. If this is of interest to you, I highly recommend Leonardo’s Brain by Leonard Shlain for more on this subject

What really made this event work for me included…

Not 1, not 2, but 3 Cosplay models!  Two of them being attractive female models that dressed as the Green Lantern and a Pirate version of GI JOE/COBRA Baroness respectively and a male model that wore a few different outfits, the main one of a Gladiator. Of note, I need to draw things that interest me and the quality of models at live model events vary widely. Dare2Draw’s rocked!

Phil Jimenez – Guest Artist. This was huge. Not only did he speak throughout the event giving advice on how to view the subjects and how to translate that on paper, but he walked around the room giving one on one coaching. Greatly appreciated.
Simon Fraser – Both a great Comic Book Artist in his own right and a very entertaining host

Brooklyn Brewery’s space was perfect with tons of seating and 2 picnic tables serving as a stage made a perfect size and height to accommodate the models.

Great Brooklyn Brewery beers, my favorite of the night Sai Kanifing a Porter with smoked peppers

Great music…kudos to the DJ playing a great mix.

Raffles throughout the night that included prizes from DC, Marvel and Dark Gorse Graphic novels to Zelda and Game of Thrones statues

Contest with prizes from Jerry’s Artarama – See the winners great piece above
If you like to draw whether it be purely for pleasure or you are within reach of achieving your dream of becoming an Artist the Dare2Draw events are a lot of fun and very well done. See you at the next one….

Dare2Draw moves around, this event took place at Brooklyn Brewery located at 79N 11th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hit the link to see where the upcoming one in February is taking place…



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