Hot Chocolate

I usually wait a bit before I put out my favorite Hot Chocolates lists but between how many great ones I’ve found already and how sub-arctic it’s been in NYC lately I simply couldn’t wait to share these winter warmers so you in turn could both enjoy them and share with yours. While I may have grown up on Swiss Miss packs my favorite Hot Chocolate are generally of the more dense and think versions…through many of the really flavorful ones I found this year are not the ones you can stand a spoon in but delicious nonetheless. Of note, in Europe if it’s not thick, they refer to it as Hot Cocoa. Here are my faves thus far…

Birdbath the “daughters” of City Bakery serve these thick like the Russian gorjacij sokolad style. These are very rich, dense and delicious.. Of course, don’t forget in February at the City Bakery location(only) it’s Hot Chocolate of the Day month! Mark your calendars.

Crepe Cafe I came upon this spot in Bryant Park. They offer large a large selection flavors and not just your usual suspects  to choose from. Faced with flavors like
Coconut, Rose, Brown Sugar, Acai and Nutella  I went Bananas…and ordered Banana. Yummy.

Jacques Torres– One of my favorites and of the pretty thick variety. Love their Wicked(hot peppers and cinnamon) Hot Chocolate I usually have a tin at home. At their locations I go Orange Peel or Peppermint.

Maman – I came here originally for their off the charts Chocolate Chunk and nuts cookies, fell in love with their Rhubarb Tart and Pistachio Pound cake and in lust with their Lavender infused Hot Chocolate. Though not as thick as others…more than makes up for it with flavor.

Mud – I’ve always been a fan of their Coffee and Mocha, recently enjoyed their Spicy with chilies and cinnamon. Of note, this is how it was originally drank by the Aztecs.

Shack Shack Salted Caramel…Hot Chocolate, need I say more?


These should keep you busy, warm and toasty for a bit….enjoy.



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