Black Ops Team

Call of Duty and Rainbow Six fans, put down the bag of chips, kick off your Bunny slippers and  get your money-makers off the couch and “go get some” at Indoor Extreme Sports! Located in LIC Queens this super fun huge spot has Paintball, some crazy Escape the a Room game, Zombie Chase(perfect for the kids…if yours are like my crazy Niece and Nephew:) Archery-Tag (might need to try that) an Arcade room and of course Laser Tag!

They have two different areas one a small, basic and budget friendly Arena and Black Ops. The Black Ops room is 8,000 Sq ft, fairly dark, loud and set up like a war torn city block with stores(ie Video, Clothing),tunnels, ramps and even a Tank! We choose Black Ops…we choose well. After a brief on the rules of the games you are equipped with  a vest with light sensors your MI6 Rifle (US Army Standard) that has some weight to it. You play three different games in this arena. Sudden Death, go out kill, if hit you’re out, three minutes rounds. Bomb, carry a bomb from your HQ to your opponents and Death match …my personal favorite, 15 minutes of non-stop mayhem! You get killed, you go back to your HQ regenerate go out and get some more! I had 20 kills! Though I was also killed 22-23 times…little too much blood lust:) It also turns out to be a bit of a workout. Big dudes…not an advantage, we make big targets. As for the Ladies, we had a few in our crew and gents beware… they can be vicious!

The staff was great, carefully explaining the rules and making sure we were having fun….they even got bottled water for us in between rounds to rehydrate us. This really is a blast for any age group…no pun intended:) Of note, NYC dwellers it’s located a 5 minute walk from the 33rd Street stop via the 7 Local (Green Circle)Train. So go unleash your inner warrior! Make it yours! Give them nothing…but take from them Everything! Unleash Hell! SPARTA!!!

Black Ops Tank Black Ops SBlack Ops B

Indoor Extreme Sports is located at 47-11 Van Dam Street in LIC, Queens


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