Tres Carnes 2
On my way home last week I noticed a new joint on the block and when I see that it’s a new Tres Carnes location by Grand Central my eyes lit up…as my mouth started to water. When they first opened in Chelsea I went to check out their MexiCue BBQ meats served with Mexican toppings and sides…a match made in Hog Heaven) so when they opened closer to me…psyched! Tres Carnes offers as per their namesake three smoked meats… Brisket Pork, and Chicken(Veggie available). You can have them via a Burrito, Bowl ,Soft Tacos or Salad. You choose your rice, beans and a number of toppings to complete your meal. They also do a weekly “smoke” this week it was Leg O Lamb so I gave it a whirl since I don’t have lamb often and it was tasty topped with squash, corn, guacamole, and pickled red onions. Sooooo good. I also took home their Smoked Chicken Tortilla Soup which was not only delicious but loaded with chicken making it more like stew.

On my next visit I went with a mixed bowl of chicken and pork topped with the works(Pico de gallo, Crema, Cojita Cheese, Pickeled Onions, Salsa, etc) over green chile rice and black beans. They just got their Liquor license so they should be serving Cerveza and Micheladas (they have a happy hour from. 4-7pm) as of this posting. The staff is very friendly and enthusiastic, engaging with the customers to help build your meal and then stopping by the tables to see how you are enjoying it. If you love BBQ, love Mexican check out some MexiCue at Tres Carnes.

Tres Carnes

Tres Carnes is located at 817 2nd Avenue


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