I was craving something hot since it was freezing outside and something different since…I frequently am. Since I was in the SE part of Soho I headed over to Baxter Street to see what spots I could find and came upon Aux Epices, saw that it wasn’t French but Malaysian,took one look at their menu, saw about 10 soups, popped right in. It’s a nice little spot, long and narrow with tables primarily for 2 and 4. For a fairly petite spot they have a rather robust menu. While many appetizers and entrees sounded enticing it was the 10 different bowls of soup Noodle Soup that drew my attention. A number looked interesting however Spicy Shrimp tantalized my taste buds most. The spicy Shrimp broth hit the spot, the head on shrimp were good and fresh plus it was loaded with Udon noodles. So much so that I ordered Coconut Rice on the side and and I ended up taking home half the dish. To drink they offer Tea, Wine and soft drinks. French music playing in the background gives the place a nice ambiance. If you’re looking for something a little different then your usual Ramen Noodle soups to warm you up check out these Malaysian bowls of plenty.

Aux Epices is located at 121 Baxter Street


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