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Do you have a thing for Pin-Up Girls, like them bad, very, preferably with big beautiful scorch your soul bedroom eyes? If so, Brandt Peters new collection Vixen! at AFA is right up your alley. These latest creations the Terror and Trouble Girls, are his take on the Femme Fatale. I found them to be a very cool interpretation of a 1940-50’s Pin -Up melded with Big Eyed Japanese Anime style. The pieces are done with graphite, ink and acrylic paints in primarily black and white and most are fairly large at over 5ft tall. One thing that I really liked was that when you looked at the pieces at first it’s all huge eyes, crazy long legs and the whip or ray gun they hold in they’re petite little hands. However if you keep looking you start seeing the secondary figures in the pieces, the martini glass they are holding, the brass knuckles on their dainty fingers, the rain falling off the umbrella and that the smoke coming out of the ray gun is skull shaped…with bathtub bubbles coming out of it. Love the attention to detail and how these pieces really pop.

I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the Brandt and discuss his current exhibition, past experiences and upcoming projects. I found the names of some of the works of particular interest especially my favorite from the Vixen! collection Lilith, who also happens to be one of my favorite characters from Jewish Mythology. Turns out the name was not random and that’s exactly who Brandt was thinking of when he came up with the character. If you’re not familiar with Lilith she’s more then the name of a Music Fair or from Pop Culture Vampire TV shows, just google Lilith for some fun(or just hit the link:) to whet your appetite, she’s Adam’s first wife…:)  Kathie Olivas Bradnt’s lovely wife was on hand and is a very talented Artist in her own right. They are currently collaborating on a Short Stop Motion film on The Bride Series(As in a sexy Frankenstein interpretation) collection where the mad scientist makes the perfect women and along with body gives them perfect brains…needless to say things sound like they may not go exactly as the mad scientific intended). These pieces are a lot of fun and you can check them out for yourself at AFA till March 14th 2015.

AFA is located at 54 Greene Street


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