Jumping off the L I was trying to decide between some of my usual suspects as to where to grab lunch when I walked by the new Korean Gastropub Soju and decided to check it out. Soju has a nice selection available for Lunch/Brunch that includes Hot Stone Rice dishes, Soups, Burritos and a Korean style Bento Box available with Spicy Pork,Angus Beef, Glazed Chicken or Tofu. I decided to go with the Spicy Pork in a Hot Stone which turned out to be Bibimbap in a bowl, a tasty combo of spicy pork with egg, spinach, picked veggies over rice. It was quite simply love at first  bite. It was also a much deeper bowl then it looked at first so when I finished  scraping the bowl clean, I was rather full.  Though the Spicy Pork was very flavorful on it’s own since I have a thing for heat I had to try their Gochu(a Korean hot sauce), that I poured all over it. It was great and now I have another Hot Sauce to add to my collection.

Soju has a Happy hour goes that starts at 12pm(yes, you read that right) and goes till 7pm. Drafts are only $4 from a selection that included Six Point Crisp and Founders IPA. Well drinks are also available for only $4 as well. Needless to say, I now have another fave to add to my Bedford usual suspects list.

Soju is located at 177 Bedford Avenue

* Of note, I wouldn’t recommend just dumping hot sauce like I did here. Taste it first and then and give it a few minutes to sink in. While it didn’t happen here…it’s a great way to get burnt, so to speak.


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