After bouncing around NYC for some people watching with a bud on the first over 40 degree sunny day in weeks it was time to get something to eat. In the mood for something a little different my bud asked if I’d be up for Paella and If I’d been to Barraca yet. I replied, not as of yet but as long as they have Paella Mariscos(seafood) at this place I’m in. We started with glasses of Sangria, Barraca of note has 8…count them ocho Sangria’s to choose from. I decided to go with their Compostela made up of an Albariño white wine base with Sake, Rosemary and Lemongrass….tasted like an amazing apple juice. My bud got the Castilla with a base of Ribera(a Red) with cherries and spices. I had this one as well later in the meal and if you like cherries, order it. Barraca’s menu has an extensive selection of both Classic and Seasonal Tapas, of which I wanted all of them. After intense debate the decision went to the Bombas(potato stuffed w/beef and spicy sauce) and the Datiles con Bacon(Dates stuffed with almonds and  blue cheese wrapped in bacon). Sound good? Tasted even better, and really worked well together the Bombas being savory while the Datiles provided just the right amount of sweet.

For the entree it was going to be Paella, as with the Sangria and Tapas Barraca offers a number to use from. In this case six different versions, two that are primarily seafood, two with various meats, a veggie option and one with noddles instead of rice. We went with the Mariscos Paella loaded with Shellfish, Monkfish, Cuttlefish, and Calamari. Absolutely Loved it, literally scraped the metal serving bowl clean. Now I really need to go back to try the Negra version (A seafood with squid ink based version that I had when in Tossa del Mar in Spain’s Costa Brave and have been craving ever since). Since we ordered the Prixe Fixe (Restaurant week $38 Appetizer, Entree, Desert) we enjoyed both the Chocolate con Passion(Chocolate mousse flavored with Passion fruit) and the Carjillo(Flan De Cafe with Rye gelee and cream). As much as I’m a Chocoholic and enjoyed the mousse the winner was the Flan by being both delicious and unique tasting.

Not only is the food absolutely delicious at Barraca but the portions are large as well. It’s a great spot for a date or group of friends. Come hungry, because you are going to leave rather well sated. Of note, service was great, the perfect balance of being attentive while not “hovering”. Barraca on the weekends has a brunch which I’m guessing must be pretty popular since four out of the eight Sangria glass jugs were finished to the last drop…

Barraca is located at 81 Greenwich Street on the corner of Bank Street




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  1. ramblingsofaperforatedmind says:

    Paella sounds sabrosa! Yum!

  2. […] short while ago I had a great dinner at Barraca so when I needed a spot for Brunch in the WV/MPD I figured I’d give their Latin hermano next […]

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