Tasty Dumpling

Craving Dumplings I decided to do a little exploring and find a new place other than my usual go to spots. So I headed south on Mulberry after getting off the 6 at Canal Street walking past Columbus Park by the courts (by far the furthest south I’ve ever been on Mulberry Street…never realized it even went this far south) and came upon Tasty Dumpling…just what I was looking for.

After perusing the menu which consisted of Dumplings, Soups, Noodle dishes and Sides I ordered up Fried Pork and Chives Dumplings(5 for $1.25!))my litmus test for authentic Dumplings and since it was kinda cold out some Pork Wonton soup($1.50) all for $2.75 all in! It’s places like this that kinda turn sayings like “you get what you paid for” upside down. The soup and Dumplings were good just don’t expect haute cuisine here and you will be happy and full.

Tasty Dumpling is located at 42 Mulberry Street


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