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I was catching up with my crazy cousin when a friend of his text him that she has finally found yogurt just like at home…as in Greece at Greecologies. Since we were in the area we headed over on over. At Greecologies they make their yogurt (both traditional and strained) in-house from milk that comes from grass fed Cows brought in from a farm located in upstate NY. We are talking ultra organic, ultra green, no GMO pure as can be. Top your yogurt($7) with special high end imported from Greece preserves like Rose Petal, Bergamont and Thyme and Flower Honey (+$1 per topping). I had the yogurt  with Rose Petal and Sour Cherry. Sour Cherries were great but the Rose Petal preservers were off the charts (not to self,go back and get a jar).

In addition to the yogurts they also have smoothies (Cherry Himalayan Salt sounds tantalizing) a small selection of Savory(Grape Leaves, Spanakopita )and  Sweet(puddings,halva) treats and a full selection of Coffee (they use Intelligentsia) and Tea beverages.The interior is a cool, sleek, minimalist space with a community table in the back and a huge outdoor space(I was tempted to make snow angels) for when the weather is nice and for special events.

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Greecologies  is located at 379 Broome Street


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