The Armory Art show is one of the largest annual Art Events that takes place in NYC or for that matter anywhere. Actually, it’s fairly Ginormous. The Contemporary section takes up Pier 94 while the Modern section Pier 92. This was my first time attending this show and it did seem geared more towards Museums, Galleries and very high end Collectors then the semi-casual Art Collector like myself. Due to the size and scope of this show I’m going to let the photo’s I took tell the story. Of note, my favorites(excluding works from Grandmasters like Dali in the Modern Section) were;
Yen Lei’s -Spider girl(my title not his) that looks like the model Candice Swanepoel doing a Spider-Girl like Ballet stance. I thought it was a photo and was blown away when I saw it was an oil painting done with swirls of color(like at the pic for the details)

Rustem Kasapoglu’s Girl lying on a bed titled Swallow(his title not mine). I paint and doing a face is challenging as is…doing one upside down.

How and Nosm – I’ve seen their works before as Street Art. This piece titled Never, Ever, Again

Of note, as interesting as the various Art here is the people watching is worth the price of admission alone…

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