Baked2Baked CB:OG

After checking out an Art Gallery in Tribeca I needed some coffee and headed up Church Street looking for somewhere new (or at least new to me). I came upon a place called Baked and decided to take a look inside. I am greeted by a long glass case of phenomenal looking baked goods, actually make that mouth watering. The Baked treats are primary sweet, though some savory and a full sandwich menu as well. They do a number of pound cake like loafs, I was going to go for my usual Banana but then saw Pumpkin with Chocolate Chips which I’ve never seen, much less had before. Unreal! Who would of thunk a giant overgrown squash would taste so epic with chocolate and be so moist! Of note, I’ve been back a few times and their Banana loaf is top notch and if you like Cinnamon Bun’s get one. I had one  topped with an orange cream glaze. Epic. Ask for it served warm. To top it all off they serve Stumpton Coffee and high end Tisane Teas.

When I got to the register I looked over and it hit me that the space turned out to be much larger then I expected. There are plenty of wooden tables with white metal chairs for seating along with a blueish gray couch that takes up the entire back wall. I now have another coffee shop to work out of, plus there are plenty of sweet treats here to come back and work my way through, especially their Brookster, a Chocolate Chip cookie encircled within a Brownie…the place is named Baked after all…

Baked is located at 279 Church Street


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