Nish Nush Nish Nush Schug


I was downtown looking for some new lunch spots in Tribeca when I came upon Nish Nush (means snack in Hebrew). It’s a Middle Eastern restaurant with a menu consisting of primarily Falafel and Humus(flavor options include Corn,Spinach, and Harrisa to name a few) Sandwiches, Platters and Salads. A large selection of Meze as well that include spreads and vegetables. I’m generally a carnivore when it comes to sandwiches, but love a good Sabich (of Iraqi origin). A combo of hummus, egg, eggplant, pickled veggies , tahini , and Israeli salad. Nish Nush’s is awesome, and on top of everything being so tasty and fresh, the sandwiches here are the biggest pocket pita sandwiches that I’ve had.
When I grab a seat at the community table I look over and see some green sauce in a jar so of course I slap some on. Wow! Spicy yet flavorful…turns out to be Schug(of Yemen origin and usually red) getting it’s green color from jalapenos. This stuff is addictive. I think about it. I went back today and had their Deluxe sandwich that has all three versions (regular, spicy, spinach/mushroom) of their Falafel loaded up with the works. Tasted great as better with the Schug. Seems the only cure, is to go back and eat more…

Funny side story, I started talking to one of my neighbors at the community table up front, turns out Israeli guy who loves Schug and when friends and family visit the number one thing he requests that they bring is Schug. He recently received a bunch of jars and offered me one. This version was red. I tried some last night…I was transported back to an Arab market in Israel! After all these years I finally found the blood brick red sauce that lit me on fire all those years ago…

Nish Nush is located at 88 Reade Street

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