Pop International always puts on a good show, so when I say this is one of the best ever, it rocked! “We’ve Got Your Back Girl” the galleries latest showing of Street Artists featured a number of heavy-hitter regulars and sensational new find  Pamela Castro . She’s a Street Artist from Rio, Brazil who started out doing huge pieces on the sides of multistory buildings. The pieces she did for the show fairly large at 3’x5′ and up were like postage stamps for her! Pamela’s vibrant colorful female faces burst with emotion and energy.

I had the opportunity to speak with Pamela and she shared that she actually does these small (by her standards and perspective) pieces without even doing an outline. An image pops into her head and she just goes in and brings it to life working primarily with spray paint and then uses paint brushes to add some fine detail, such as in the eyes. Like many Street Artists that I’ve met she is very actively engaged with her community and the Global community as well. She is a Vital Voices award winner and the Founder of Redi Nami an organization to promote women’s rights. As with many of Jeff’s shows charity work and important causes are key ingredients to the mix. Great Street Artists works adorned the walls and they included the works of…

Bradly Theodore-These were pretty wild…psychedelic and trippy

Chris Stain-Photo-like figures in Street scenes, these were very cool

Dom Pattieson – Provocative yet empowering

Joe Lurato– Figures literally “popping” off the walls

URNY – City Street scenes, raw and edgy

“We’ve Got Your Back Girl” along with showcasing the amazing and inspirational works of these artists addressed the problem with Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in our society. When I see the works of such Artists who are being discovered literally on the Street it really makes me wonder how much raw talent is out there creating incredible Art without “classic training”. Good thing guys like Jeff keep finding these amazing Artists and sharing their works with the world. If Street Art is your thing, pop by and check out this pretty incredible selection of Global Street Artists who are not only creating beautiful work…but doing their thing to make the world a better place.




Pop International Galleries is located at 473 Broadway


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