I was in the East Village looking for somewhere to grab a bite while watching the NCAA championships. After doing a few laps UFC caught my eye for something different and grabbed some seats across from the bar with a good view of the games. For a Fried Chicken joint they have quite the selection of  Craft Beers to choose from on draft and in bottles. I tasted a few ordered up Ballast’s Grapefruit Sculpin. Grapefruit seems to have replaced Lemon as the new black in beers lately and I’m a huge fan. To start we ordered up Beef Bulgogi sliders(available as a large burger as well) and to be semi-healthy the house salad. The sliders topped with onions were pretty tasty, the Salad  was huge and big enough for 2-4. A combo of Romaine, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes in a creamy dressing.

As per their namesake ,Fried Organic Chicken is primarily their thing, double fried Korean style keeping the chicken ultra moist. You can go all wings, drum sticks, a half or Whole chicken. Can’t decide, go with a combo plate of Wings & drum sticks. Chose your glaze from their selection of 4 (you get split the order with 2 choices)

Soy garlic
Sweet & spicy
Mustard BBQ

Though I normally go hot the Sweet Spicy tasted like an amazing duck sauce, more sweet then hot, but not too sweet so we ordered that and the Garlic Soy glaze which was nice as well. You get Coleslaw or Pickled Radish with the Combo plates…get the Radish, they are amazing, tasted like a sweet melon with a hint of vinegar. The chicken was moist and delicious and we devoured it. Between the awesome Fried Chicken, the tasty Asian glazes topping them and the great beer selection I’m a huge fan and adding UFC to my Best of Wings, Craft Beers and Pub Grub lists.

UFC is located at 60 3rd Avenue




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