I love a good burger and heard very good things about out of LA Umami Burger. When I saw they opened up a new spot in hip, happening Williamsburg it was time to see if they lived up to the hype. Their twist on the humble beef patty is that they combine ingredients to create “Umami”  the mysterious “5th element” of taste sensations. Since Umami Burger is a chain for some reason I was expecting a medium sized spot, primarily for take out. Turned out it’s the opposite, a very  large cool looking industrial space with a bar.The menu has a number of burger combinations available including if you have a non-carnivore with you three non beef burgers, Ahi Tuna, Turkey, and a Veggie. A number of the burgers caught my eye, but I figured I would try the Umami Original(Parmesan crisp, Shiitake, roasted tomato, and caramelized onions) to see what they were all about. Since it’s all about the beef, this was an exceptional burger. It came out just as I ordered it rare, bleeding, kicking and screaming, juicy, flavorful with all the ingredients really melding together with the Shiitake mushroom being the most noticeable of flavors that I’m not used to tasting with a burger, yet totally(the place is out of LA) working. For sides they have a few salads and a selection of fries to choose from. Thin fries(not matchsticks, more like half sized Golden Arches),sweet potato,Truffle fries and Tempura Onion Rings. I went with a side of thin fries which came with a bucket of condiments ….

Jalapeno Ranch
Aioli mayo
Umami ketchup

The fries were pretty good, the condiments great, especially the Jalapeno Ranch and Aioli Mayo. They have a pretty  awesome Cocktail menu including their bacon maple twist on the Old Fashioned and a Bacon Bloody Mary. I’ll need (as well as for the Tempura Onion Rings) to come back for these. I had a green tropical iced tea…refreshing. If you’re still hungry they carry Cool Haus Ice Cream sandwiches for desert which are some of my favorites. If you’ve never had a Cool Haus…save some room. Add Umami to your Best Burger list.

Umami Burger is located at 158 North 4th Street



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  1. Eileen On says:

    Surprisingly good vegetarian option (vegan with some modifications) so you can invite your veg friends.

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